Friday, 3 December 2010

K-9 UK Broadcast on Five

articleimage_352 It has been announced that Australian-made K-9 series will be broadcast in the UK on channel Five, beginning on 18th December 2010 with episodes 1 to 13, while episodes 14 to 26 will be aired some time in Spring 2011.

Here's the official announcement...
K-9 to be broadcast on Channel Five!
Our K-9 TV series is to be broadcast by Channel Five in the UK. The show will recieve major broadcast and promotion. The show will premiere in the Autumn/Winter schedules 20120. (More details soon).
We know that seems a long way off but imagine the fun and excitement in the winter months and K-9 heading into 2011 and beyond!
Stay tuned for exciting adventures!

> K-9 Official Site

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  1. this is gonna be funny the Australians will take the piss out of tthe brits (me) LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL


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