Friday, 24 September 2010

Matt Smith Talks SJA

articleimage_401 Matt Smith has spoken to SFX Magazine about his much-anticipated and much-awaited appearance in The Sarah Jane Adventures and revealed a few titbits of information on his two-part story ‘Death of the Doctor’:

“There are rumours of the Doctor’s demise, which obviously cause Sarah Jane a great deal of concern and an understandable need to try to help by rushing to his side. Even if it may be a trap…”

He added, “It’s drama on a grand scale, with some tense scenes inside a secret base beneath Mount Snowdon. We see the involvement of a formidable set of Vulture aliens, the Shansheeth. They are known as galactic coffin bearers, so make of their presence what you will!”

Matt continued to explain his reaction towards working with previous Doctor Who companions Liz Sladen and Katy Manning, “I did feel I was in the presence of Doctor Who royalty! Both their characters go back a long way and occasionally I’d be reminded of the show’s long and glorious past. There’s a scene where Sarah Jane makes reference to being stuck in a ventilation shaft, as she was during an adventure with a previous incarnation of the Doctor, and my character says, ‘That takes me back or maybe it takes me forward!’

The Sarah Jane Adventures returns to UK screens on CBBC on October 11th.

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