Saturday, 30 May 2009

RSC Hamlet on the Small-Screen

The Royal Shakespere Company production of Hamlet from 2008 is to be made into a film for BBC2. The entire cast of the stage-play, inlcuding David Tennant, will be reunited for the television production. Gregory Doran who staged the RSC stage-play will direct the programme on location.

The BBC2 Hamlet will be aired on television and are then planned to be released on DVD. Foreign distributers might decide to buy the right to it, as Doctor Who is also very popular in the US. The channel's controller Janice Hadlow commented, "it's a wonderful opportunity to bring one of the great stage successes of last year to a wider audience".

Did you watch this play when it was staged in 2008? Will you watch the BBC2 adaption?
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