Friday, 25 July 2008

'Fires of Pompeii' Action-Figures

Character Options are surely pushing themselves this year, as so far they have released Series 4 figures of the Doctor (with 5 Adipose), Donna, Ood Sigma, Natural Ood, Sontarans (General Staal, Commander Skorr and Sontaran troopers), High Priestess, Journey's End set (including Supreme Dalek, Dalek with special weapon and the almighty Davros himself).

Now they have released an image of the upcoming action-figure set for 'The Fires of Pompeii' (click the image to enlarge). This includes an 8 inch Pyrovile in all it's glory and a Roman soldier (shouldn't the High Priestess be there as well?). Here's what Character have to say:

"Recreate scenes from the excellent second episode of Doctor Who Series 4 with this amazing Fires of Pompeii deluxe action figure set!"

I know I'll be getting it, how about you?

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