Friday, 3 June 2011

‘Survival’ Unreleased Music

articleimage_526TheSkaroRevenger has uploaded a three-part compilation of tracks of unreleased music from the Doctor Who 1989 Seventh Doctor story, ‘Survival’, featuring popular companion Ace and nemesis the Anthony Ainley incarnation of The Master. The story is famously the final serial of the classic series as we know it before it was cancelled, meaning a sixteen-year wait for fans, until the show would return in 2005, interrupted only by the 1996 TV Movie.


The Doctor takes Ace back home to Perivale so she can catch up with her old friends. But Perivale has changed, the old gang has split up, and some of them have vanished without trace. They are not the only ones - West London is plagued by unexplained disappearances.
        Before long the mysterious kidnappers make themselves known. A race of galactic hunters called the Cheetah people have found a way to transport themselves to Earth - and the entire human race is their prey. They have been shown the doorway to the planet by an old foe of the Doctor, a bitter and desperate enemy who needs the Doctor's help to free him from a diabolic enchantment.

> Dr Who Unreleased Music – YouTube Channel

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