Monday, 12 April 2010

RadioTimes Cover & NEW Dalek Look!

The RadioTimes have unveiled their cover for the following week of April 17th-23rd. The UK television guides magazine has three exclusive cover photos each featuring the new-look Daleks (for Series 5's 'Victory Of The Daleks') and echoing the same words from their award-winning 2005 Dalek cover: "VOTE DALEK!" Similarly with their 2005 cover, RadioTimes have the Daleks in front of the Houses Of Parliament on Westminster Bridge, though this time during the Second World War.

Click the covers to enlarge...

What are your thoughts on these covers? What do you think of the new Daleks?
Please comment.


  1. I think they look pretty dreadful to be honest. Why redesign what is essentially a classic? They look like cartoon caricatures of themselves. AND they look too fat! NO! NO! NO!

  2. Actually, dibber07, they look much more like the originals. Much more.

  3. I disagree about the comment made about the new daleks looking like the originals. The original daleks never had hunchbacks - that is, never extended so far back (as compared to the new ones). The new daleks look like cordless-drill chargers.

  4. Anon, that's only one aspect. There are large amounts of it that are new (and not bad) but also large amounts that are very reminiscent of previous incarnations of the Daleks, whether people like it or not.

  5. these daleks have got to be the worst updating of any creatures i have ever seen! What were they thinking?! Even the sixtes editions are better than these cheap,plastic, garish,toyshop usurpers . Why change them from the best 2005 edition? They were brilliant then!

  6. I think the new daleks look awesome to be hounst. time for a change. :D


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