Monday, 7 December 2009

'The End Of Time' Promo Pics

The Beeb have released even more exciting pictures of the Tenth Doctor's swansong story. The photos are smaller than usual to fit all of them in the post, click on any of them to enlarge...

The Doctor

Wilfred Mott

The Master

Donna Noble

The Vinvocci
Rossiter (on the left, below) played by Lawry Lewin - Addams (on the right) played by Sinead Keenan

The Naismith couple
David Harewood as Joshua Naismith and Tracy Ifeachor as Abigail Naismith

Having read The Writer's Tale book (see here) I'm guessing this is an alien spotting club that Wilf is part of, as Russell T said, before Catherine Tate said 'yes' to Series 4, that he wanted the Series 4 companion's grandad to be in an alien spotting club.

'The End Of Time - Part 1' aires on Christmas day at 7:00pm on BBC One.

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