Wednesday, 16 May 2012

‘A Voyage To Nowhere’ Part 2: Domino Effect

The Doctor Who F.A.N. Project presents the fourth episode in our fiction series, Doctor Who: Power of the Heart.

‘A Voyage To Nowhere’
Part Two: The Domino Effect

The Doctor and Maddy Ramos have been separated and while he investigates the copper ship Tin-Vagabond, Maddy finds herself discovering far more than she would like. A young girl called Molly knows more than she's telling, yet becomes the one person who can recover Maddy once a plan has gone horribly wrong.

A mysterious force lurks inside the ship's shadows and steam, but can The Doctor and Maddy save the ship's refugee passengers from the terror within the walls before it is too late? Only time will tell. There’s a conspiracy being plotted, and somebody is digging it up, but not the TARDIS duo…

The Doctor Who F.A.N. Project brings you Part Two of the second story featuring The Tenth Doctor (as played by David Tennant) and original companion Maddy Ramos.

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The Doctor faces the [??] - Page 15 illustrationNEXT TIME -  Part Three: Ugly Memory

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