Wednesday, 4 March 2009

News Update

First of all, before starting this post properly, I must say I apologise for the lack posts recently. However, I am hopefully going to be able to keep the posting up, but now let's get on with a news updates.

Retardis Rumours
According to the Daily Mirror newspaper, the TARDIS interior will apparently change for Series 5, when Matt Smith comes in as Doctor 11, to suit the new HD format which Doctor Who will be filmed in, starting with 'Planet of the Dead'. The designers are also apparently going to "improve the quality of the police box exterior", said the Daily Mirror. On the other hand, this story really should be taken with a pinch of salt, as reports flew around about there being a new console room when the Titanic crashed through the TARDIS walls in 'Last of the Timelords' and for the begining of Series 4, for some reason.

K9 Has Company!
The K9 'spin-off' series, created for the Jetix digital TV channel, will be a mixture of live-action studio and location filming with actors, alongside a revamped CGI K9.
The logo for the K9 television series has recently been revealed by Paul Tams - the co-creator and co-associate producer of the programme - and it can be seen below (click image to enlarge).K9 - TV series logo
May contain spoilers!
On The Scene
Filming has started on the second Doctor Who 2009 special (and seemingly finished on 'Planet of the Dead'), starring Lindsay Duncan as a new companion, Adelaide; she commented: “I’m thrilled to be involved in Doctor Who. I’ve never done anything like this before and I’m really looking forward to working with David Tennant and the Doctor Who team". This episode is written by Russell T Davies and Phil Ford, and directed by Graeme Harper.

While filming on location, interesting elements have been spotted, an Ood (some people are saying this is Ood Sigma) has been seen in a snowy scene involving The Doctor, Adelaide and 2 other new characters stepping out of the TARDIS. Also, a robot with 'caterpillar-tracks' started next to the TARDIS, but then rolled it's way up to The Doctor, and a sign prop was spotted which stated: "Congestion charging Central Zone. Fine of 3000 yen per day". Yen is the currency in Japan, so maybe they are there, as one of the two new characters is an oriental-looking woman, although their surroundings don't look like Japan at all. Another interesting element is that Lindsay Duncan is wearoing militaristic-type clothes and has a handgun, so maybe UNIT are in each of the specials?
See photos of that scene, courtesy of Alun Vega's Flickr album, HERE.

Awards Galore!
David Tennant has been nominated twice in the Best Actor category at the Broadcasting Press Guild awards, he is nominated as The Doctor in Doctor Who and the other nomination is for his role as Arthur Eddington in the BBC's Einstein and Eddington, which aired November last year and was also nominated for Best Single Drama. The awards results will be revealed on March 27th.

At the Visual Effects Society, an "international organization of visual effects professionals", nominated the team at The Mill in two awards categories, one of which they won. The award they won was Outstanding Matte Paintings In A Broadcast Program Or Commercial, this was awarded for Simon Wickers, Charlie Bennett, Tim Barter and Arianna Lago for their work on 'Silence in the LIbrary' and 'Forest of the Dead'. The other award is Outstanding Visual Effects In A Broadcast Miniseries, Movie Or Special, but this lost out to HBO's mini-series John Adams.

What do you think of any of this news?
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